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A Day in the life of a kindergarten teacher

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Any kindergarten teacher will attest to the fact that there is hardly a boring moment at work! Most days are a combination of color, sound and motion! Take today for example. Activities officially began at 9am after a chorus of "good mornings"with a sports session outside, a real workout for all!

Next came free play where the children needed help sampling new fixtures, pulling at ten different directions all at once! For the teacher, well..she needed eyes all around her head, elephant ears and octopus arms! And will anyone believe me if I said that she's got all that and more?

She went through the day with a smile even when she was wagging a finger or shaking her head! Meal times were another interesting time of day. Whether a snack or lunch, there is nothing like seeing children eating heartily enjoying their food, and no satisfaction like succeeding in encouraging a picky eater to like their meal! You have not lived until you experience a room full of kindergarteners playing together, listening to a story, singing or the very best part ... A group hug!

I'll stop there for now , so much to tell.... Suffice it to say, the teacher experiences life in miniature form, revisiting their childhood over and over too! It is refreshing, inspiring and fun!

I’m Lillian,

I’m a teacher at the Créche

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