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Children's continuous curiosity about the world certainly gets them chatting. Its a never-ending, beautiful process in the growth of a human being. The cutest thing about it is that they live in the moment and will say what is on their growing minds whenever and wherever they think of it, regardless of who is around. It is this sponge-like nature that allows them to learn a lot from their environment and particularly the places they frequent, school being a major one.

Teachers, more than any other profession experience this on a daily basis. From "Good morning Mr. Yooon (John), Ms. Njujui (Kinyanjui)” to “mosquitoes bite so that they can make babies” is hilarious! It is this inquisitive nature that makes them so much fun to be around.

You will ask for the magic word and instead of please or thank you, you get Abbracadabra! An explanation as to why my tummy is so big (being expectant) is because I apparently ‘ate a chameleon that got lost in the field’ So hilarious! And of course ‘cassette demolition day’ was promptly named Christmas. They enjoyed every bit of the process, stomping on the poor cassettes!

We experience pure comedy (and try our best not to laugh).

This is Ms.Teya (sorry Stella).

Teacher at the Créche.

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