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How do I choose a gift for my child?

Children are so happy during this season. The treat to a wide array of colours is heaven to the little ones. As they grow, they reach a stage where by after 5 months of life on this interesting planet, they begin to associate things using colour. As one writer put it, colour is the first language children learn.

They reach this stage and their eyes follow colourful things. They are initially attracted to the bright colours especially the primary colors Red, Blue Yellow. Even some secondary ones like Purple and Green manage to hold their attention. Bight coloured gifts will make a world of difference in their cognitive skills that have to do with sight. Daddy and Mummy will be doing them a great favour by considering this as you shop for their gifts.

The learning process never ends and creative use of colour will go a long way in helping them through this stage.

Warm Christmas greetings,

The Créche Kindergarten Family

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