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Imagination . . .

It was quite the moment for my colleague and I. We were all pretty teary eyed and the word got out that we had a great story to tell after spending ten minutes swimming before we were swallowed by the frog!

Those big, scary eyes must have seen us as we got swallowed! Ouch, that’s a worse fate than being swallowed in the first place! Our ears must have been blasted away as the frog made the croaking noise next to the river. Poor Teacher, if she’d only have known better than to go swimming that day!

The kiddie imagination kicked into full gear, rushing like the waterfall. If their wishes came true, . . . .

Boy 1: I wish they turn into fish.

Boy 2: Then, they swim, swim and swim.

Boy 3: They be swallowed by the frog and ribbit the whole day.

Goes the story after denying them a turn to tell their own version of the story and after disrupting their colleagues and stopping the flow of thought that would have meant we ended up in a Dinosaur belly for not listening to them in the first place!

These are among my many highlights and most entertaining moments as I teach at the Créche.


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