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As a teacher, the word holiday is just a name since we continue doing research, collecting materials, learning schemes and decorating the class in preparation for the new term. We only relax when see growth in our children even if it's a slight one.

When a child is trying his/her best, sometimes the parents may want more than the child's current ability. Balancing this need for excellence and the natural growth trajectory of the child is at times a tall order. Society these days is build around speed and therefore there is need for care to ensure both goals are achieved. A Teachers day off might inconvenience everyone including your self because the objectives of your lessons might not be realised.

Lastly, however challenging, tiresome it gets at times, the assurance that keeps me going is that I am a rainbow teacher revealing to students and rainbow of possibilities.

Always at your service,

Ms Penina,

Crèche Kindergarten

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