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Teaching Kindergarteners. (A sneak peak)

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Everyday is unique and it brings unexpected learning experience. Let's spell it out F U N , it's the backbone of the day. It kicks off immediately after arriving at work, saying hello to my fellow staff, awaiting to see little faces lighting up with a smile as children walk in and give each other hugs.

We typically start by singing songs about greeting each other and enjoy singing favourite rhymes. It's pretty much impossible not to feel happy when you look around and see that everyone can dance.

Play time is an enjoyable part of the day, it's a chance to be together and a great opportunity to listen in to some really funny and interesting dialogue between novice socialisers.

I love observing the games that they come up with especially when they don't know that I'm keeping an eye on them.

As I head home I reflect on my day and find myself really enjoying the children and being at school.

I’m Ms. Milka

I teach at the Créche

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