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Seasons Greetings

The holidays are here with us and we at Créche Kindergarten do wish you all the very best in this season. We have shared a lot these past three months; from secrets in a teachers bag to the rigours of the daily life of a Kindergarten teacher all the way to the funny things kids say.

One particular interesting aspect that is quite clear was of how intelligent these children are. You can never underestimate these little champions! They are quick to notice when their teacher is having a tough day, to creatively getting a toy when another refuses to share. The growth chart that is drawn as they continuously advance in life is one of a steady rise and rise into their God-given future.

The little ones need a rest too as do all of us when we take leave off work. Indeed, they have been working hard to learn new things, make new friends and also cope with the group of strangers their own age that they met and bonded with as they came to school.

We do sincerely wish everyone happy holidays.

From the

Créche Kindergarten Family

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