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It was a few days before Easter. The Easter crafts needed to be ready by the next day. I was looking forward to doing Easter eggs with the children, you know paint them, decorate them and so on. I had pre boiled some at home and had done a sample of what I wanted the children to do. It was an Easter egg head, complete with eyes, a nose a toothy smile and...wait for it, braids!! There was another not so detailed sample and ten plain ones, one for each child. All nice and packed in a paper bag which in hindsight i should have knotted. Tightly, Very tightly. So I threw them into my hand bag and off I went to school.

My morning commute was hectic, I remember. I got into a matatu that had only one unoccupied seat. Right at the back. Just at the aisle. As we rode we hit a bump unexpectedly. Then, my bag fell to the floor, it was flung open and as fate would have it, my Easter eggs rolled out of the bag, down the aisle, each stopping apart from the other as if arranged. It was a sight to not behold. Everyone looked at the decorated eggs, then at me and then back at the eggs again. One lady had "are you a witch" written all over her face. Whatever followed is a story for another day.

So apart from braided eggs, you will find a dolls shoe, needle and thread, candy, motivation stickers, band aid, hair clips, chewing gum, gloves, magic rocks, sticky tape, wipes, story book, pain killers, deodorant, Bluetooth speaker, beads,work sheets, and hand sanitiser and tissues in a teacher's hand bag. To name but very few:)

That, my friends forms the world that exists in a teachers handbag!

Teacher Terry,

Créche Kindergarten

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