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How to manage Stress as a teacher

As the saying goes, if you love what you do, you will not feel stressed. However, in my opinion that just isn't true. Teaching is indeed a passion and I love enjoy every minute of it, but I would be lying to you if I said I’ve never feel once stressed in this profession.

As a teacher you should know what is actually causing stress. As it is in dealing with any problem, identifying this is necessary. You should consider two approaches i.e. Things you have some control over and things beyond your control.

Here are some skills a teacher should use to manage stress.

  • You have to learn relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercise, just enjoy the peaceful environment, laughing and making fun with the children.

  • Begin your day calmly. Sit for two or a little more minutes before children arrive in the morning. Take a deep breath; visualise your day ahead going as well as possible.

  • Find friends who share your love for teaching. Build yourself a teaching network of support with whom you can brainstorm ideas, cheer each other on and help each other find solutions to the various challenges you face while teaching.

  • Get time in your classroom doing more of what you love. If you are passionate about arts, technology and exercise, then look for opportunities to share talent with children.

Not all stress is bad your stress can push one to do her best and challenge one to grow and learn.

Ms Sarah


Créche Kindergarten

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