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If I wasn't a kindergarten teacher.....

When I grew up, I wanted to be a doctor, like everyone around me then. I would treat and care children for their coughs and inject them for their high fevers. As I grew older. I got new friends and now I wanted to be a hair dresser! I would wash and set, perm and treat and weave and braid. That soon changed, and I wanted to be a chef! I would be a pastry chef, a gourmet chef and a famous cake master!

Then I grew up. And become none of the above. I am a kinderdoctor, fixing plasters on barely seen ouchies and placing ice packs on throbbing bumps. I am all grown up now and I am a kinderhairdresser, fixing hairbands and braids that just wont hold! I am also a kinderchef, baking not so round cookies, not so smooth smoothies and many no cook treats...which the children and I and love. Yum!!

If I wasn't a kindergarten teacher, I would be a kindergarten teacher.

Iam Terry and I Kinderteach at the Créche!

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